What I Bring

Lofton Media is a small, woman-owned solopreneurship specializing in photography, content creation, writing, videography and independent (indie) filmmaking. I am also a director, producer, consultant,
as well as a screen and voice-over actress for hire.

One of the unique things I do is deliver training in the area of digital upskilling. In the ever-developing tech age and the increasing need for remote access and services like telehealth, employment and essentials for conducting personal business, this is a valuable service. 

If you are a small business, non-profit, or an individual searching for exceptional quality and customer service at a reasonable cost,
contact Kathy O. Lofton to meet your needs.

Larger project? No problem. My capacity is achieved through partnerships.
I am also a speaker. I'd love to host your event or speak to your group.

Arts Advocate/
Servant Leader/ Creative/ Cinephile

AmeriCorps Alumna

Forbes BLK Member

Indie Media Arts South (IMAS) Member

Award-Winning Indie Director/


Memphis Nashville Atlanta
Rogers, AR
New York
Houston India London Philly Germany Italy

Casting and Collab

Memphis Movie Production Partner

Associate Producer

Culturally Driven

Digital Equity Champion for African American Seniors

President Emeritus,
National Black MBA Association-Memphis Chapter

The ONLY president since the 1993 inception of the Memphis chapter to ever win the 'Chapter of the Year' award consecutively for strategy, ideation, and leadership

Lofton Media is a BBB Accredited Audio Visual Production Service in Memphis, TN